Through a series of synchronistic life changes, Ambika was brought into contact with healers and psychics who encouraged and helped her hone and develop her innate talents and abilities. As a writer, intuitive reader and healer with an interest in comparative theology and world mythologies, she has investigated a wide range of of avenues for spiritual expression. Her individual consultations reflect her wide ranging interests; Tarot, Runes, Egyptian Cartouche and the Dakini Oracle.She believes by exploring and reclaiming her feminine wisdom she is able to open her mind, heart and soul to offer help in constructive ways. She encourages people to embrace change and nurture themselves, helping them to re-discover fun, creativity and abundance in their lives.

Ambika has also trained in modalities such as Reiki, Tibetan Yoga, and Astrology, as well as completed a certified course in counselling. She believes a structured approach would be beneficial to her clients and is keen on bridging the gap between mainstream and alternative therapies. Her workshops on divinatory tools such as Tarot and Runes are well-received and she also offers workshops designed to empower women as well as those based on more esoteric teachings centred on pagan and earth religions.

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Rune Reading Reiki Attunement - Usui
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Deep Emotional Coaching The Tibetan Yoga of Rejuvenation
Basic Meditation Tarot Workshop
Karmic Healing The Magick & Mystery of Runes
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  Basic Kabbalah
  Pathwork With The Kabbalah
  Identify Your Shadow
  Invoking the Goddess
  Lunch Time Meditations
Tarot Reading

The tarot is usually seen as a means of ascertaining information and guidance from one’s inner consciousness, spiritual beings as well as representing archetypes that we can identify with. In fact, psychologists now use tarot cards as tools to help clients articulate how they view themselves.

All of us remember our past with a mixture of regret and joy; tarot cards could be used to understand how the past has brought about the possibilities inherent in the current moment while giving us a glimpse into a future we can prepare for. Properly interpreted and described, the guidance offered by the cards would often contain stunningly accurate information about the issue being considered. The tarot enables a person to consider the different areas of their lives, with an approach that is both systematic and insightful. In additions, the symbols on the cards are ideal for meditation as well as creative visualization. Tarot cards have been used successfully in conjunction with numerology, astrology and other esoteric fields of study.

By appointment only. 
$60 (30 mins)
$100 (1 hr) 

Now available through Skype!

Rune Reading

Runes date from the Bronze Age and are believed to have been utilized by the Vikings both as an alphabet as well as an oracular instrument. The term ‘rune’ comes from a German word meaning ‘mystery’ and perfectly describes the attraction and powers these magnificent symbols hold for us. Runes are also featured in some of the recent century’s greatest fantasy literature, most notably, the Lord of the Rings.

Runes offer an opportunity for individuals to tap into the wellspring of their own unconscious where the knowledge necessary for personal growth and fulfillment rest. Runes are a tool much in the way that Tarot Cards and the I-Ching are, helping us uncover our own gifts and guiding us on the path to self-discovery.

In addition to being an oracular device, runes are also used as talismans and amulets for health, wealth and protection.

By appointment only. 
$100 (1 hr) 

$140 (1 hr 30 mins)
Now available through Skype!

Egyptian Cartouche Card Reading

Cartouche is referred to as an “oracle of Ancient Egyptian Magic” and is based on the teachings of the Egyptian “older” knowledge and not to be confused with the Tarot. Cartouche cards use the extremely powerful symbols of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. A Cartouche reading is a potent guide to your spiritual, emotional and mental health and success.

The Cartouche cards revealed in your reading may even be used as powerful symbols of protection and meditation. Thus, these readings tend not only to be a guidance and advisory device for the client but can also be practically applied in the life of the client.

Warning: Always consult the cartouche reader before using a symbol for meditation or even as decoration. These Egyptian archetypes are extremely potent and are not to be used indiscriminately.

By appointment only. 
$100 (1 hr) 

$140 (1 hr 30 mins)

Reiki Healing

Reiki which means “Universal Life Energy” is a gentle non-invasive treatment which is fast gaining popularity. Whether by itself or in combination with other healing modalities, Reiki has been successfully utilized to relieve minor aches and pains to alleviating major illnesses.

By appointment only. 
$150 (1 hr) 

SAVE: A package of 3 sessions will cost just $310. A package of 5 sessions will cost just $500. A package of 10 sessions will cost just $900. Valid for 6 months.


Natal Chart Analysis:

Your natal or birth chart can be considered the blue-print for your personality. Through understanding and interpreting the influence of the celestial bodies, astrology helps to provide not only a psychological profile but insights into your talents, gifts and weaknesses. These insights can help you materialize the possibilities inherent in your life situation.

All of us are gifted; unfortunately many of us never realize our true potential, or even realize that we may find joy in different circumstances. A detailed analysis of your natal chart can assist you to understand your inner motivations, aspirations and direct you to a more fulfilling life path.

Shakespeare said, 'There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune..'. Allow astrology to be the barometer of the ebbs and flows in your life, helping you to capitalize on favorable periods and provide support during challenging ones.

By appointment only. 
$150 (1hr - 1 hr 30 mins) 

Note: Please provide name, date, time and place of birth to enable an accurate chart to be cast.
Now available through Skype!

Transit Charts:

Transit charts can provide you a window into your future. Generally cast for a 12-month period, transit charts provide valuable information on what the year ahead may have in store for you. Transits can forecast periods of major growth, change and conflict. Forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes. So, why not arm yourself with extra information that can prove critical in deciding the course of your life?

By appointment only. 
$180 (1hr - 1 hr 30 mins) 

Note: Please provide name, date, time and place of birth to enable an accurate chart to be cast.
Now available through Skype!

Synastry Charts:

To be human is to engage in relationships constantly. Whether it is romantic, familial, professional or social, every facet of our lives are driven by our ability (or inability!) to navigate the potential mine fields of successful and productive relationships.

While there are plenty of tools that offer helpful advice and effective guidance, a synastry chart can reveal hidden traits that can enhance your chances of avoiding painful and humiliating mistakes. A synastry chart can help to highlight potential areas of congruence and conflict, whether between family members, close friends or potential life partners.

While ultimately the success or failure of any relationship depends on the level of commitment and transparency that exists between any couple, a synastry chart can unveil potential personality traits and behavioural patterns that may only reveal themselves in times of crisis. Often these can be the making or breaking of relationships and a synastry chart may be able to highlight such possibilities. Used as a reference guide, a synastry chart interpretation can be add depth to a healthy relationship.

By appointment only. 
$250 (2 hrs) 

Note: Please provide name, date, time and place of birth to enable an accurate chart to be cast.

Save! A special promo price of $180 only for the month of February!

Deep Emotional Coaching

Are you frustrated, having a sense that something is preventing you from moving onto a new life or to a new professional project, or you simply feel low for whatever reasons… We all have our share of doubts and fears, struggling to make it in this competitive world, to the point where you tell yourself “I don’t know”. I don’t know what to do, which direction to walk in,, which decision to take… sometimes the very foundations of your world seem to be shaking when you always thought it was so stable!

If you ever questioned the trajectory of your life or feel that life has become more challenging for you, Ambika can help you find the eye of the storm from which you can reclaim your personal power. Using a range of both metaphysical and developmental tools that she is very familiar with, Ambika will guide you to make the necessary changes in those areas which are the source of conflict and stress, thereby bringing overall improvement in your life.

Self-knowledge can only be gained through self-acceptance. Tools such as Tarot, Astrology, the Kabbalah are designed to help you to know yourself, while techniques such as Reiki, meditation, affirmations and visualizations help anchor these discoveries.

Learning to synthesize your shadows / weaknesses and your strengths will protect you from the storms of life. Using the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as a template, Ambika will tailor a program best suited to your individual needs.

What you will gain:

  • Increased confidence & courage
  • - Greater self awareness
  • - Ability to create new patterns of growth
  • - Greater relaxation, and improved personal relationships
  • A preliminary session is recommended to assist Ambika to design a program
  • best suited for your needs.

By appointment only. 
Preliminary consultation: $95 (1 hr)
Single session: $120 (1 hr), we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions: $300 (3 hrs)

Now available through Skype!

Basic Meditation

For those who are keen on developing a regular meditation routine, our basic meditation courses offer an ideal introduction. Participants can choose from 3 different modules covering the basic meditation techniques which are the foundation for more advanced meditation practices.

A) Breath Meditation:

The most basic and fundamental action that we perform repeatedly is breathing. By learning to modulate and control our breathing, we learn to control our reactions to external stimuli, exert control over our emotions as well as improve our overall well-being. By working with an action that we perform automatically, breath meditation can be seamlessly integrated into our daily actions.

B) Visual Meditation:

Visual meditation is a technique that is very effective as it provides the mind an object of focus, thus working with the mind rather than controlling it. By training the mind to focus on a specific object to the exclusion of all else, we are training the mind to creatively visualize and manifest our external reality.

C) Sound Meditation:

Sound meditation is similar to the principle of affirmations. Just as the constant repetition of a positive statement can alter our neural pathways to re-program our beliefs, the audible or silent repetition of a words of power or mantras, can powerfully alter our psychic centers. The most common form of sound meditations would be prayers, hymns and invocations. Many mantras are seed syllables, thought to be the distilled essence of primordial energy, which alters the vibrations of the energetic fields.

By appointment only. 
3 sessions: $100 (3 hrs)
Now available through Skype!

Advanced Meditation Part I and II

I) Chakra Meditation:

To live a fulfilled life, our ability to appreciate and enjoy our surroundings is paramount. These meditations assist in enhancing our basic physical senses by focusing on the relationship between each sense and the relevant chakra.

From greater creativity, focus and concentration to improved communication and enhanced physical interaction, these meditations allow you to experience greater joy and pleasure regardless of your life circumstances.

By appointment only.
1 session: $100 (1 hr) 
5 sessions: $350 (5 hrs)

II) Kundalini Meditation:

Traditionally the raising of the Kundalini is only attempted by practitioners of advanced spiritual disciplines. Kundalini power can activate our latent abilities and hidden powers, which if not channeled wisely can be detrimental of our mental and physical health. The raising of the Kundalini through meditation allows the practitioner to control the rate and degree that this life force is unleashed, with the attendant awakening of our subtle senses.

By appointment only.
1 session: $150 (1 hr) 
5 sessions: $500 (5 hrs)
Note: Participants must have completed both the Basic and Chakra (Advanced) Meditation courses.)

Karmic Healing

Many of us may be aware of certain patterns of behavior, thinking, or emotional responses which may be preventing us from achieving the level of self-fulfillment and satisfaction we aspire to. Scientific studies have now established that memory, far from being stored only in the brain, seems to be hard-wired into our DNA. As such, we may carry into our current existence, desires, fears and beliefs that may have originated in a past life or even inherited from our ancestors. Every experience we undergo, leaves an imprint which further influences the way we act.

Karmic healing works with issues which may have their origins in genetic memory.Karma is neither good nor bad; it is simply an accumulation of impressions which form our view of the world, our identity and our goals.Whether such genetic memories reference past incarnations, or simply traumatic experiences buried in our sub-conscious is immaterial. Allowing such blockages to re-surface, helps us gain useful knowledge that can help us gain a better understanding of the source of the self-limiting & repetitive beliefs and behaviors that we have.

Ambika uses the different strands of Seichim that she practices during this session. Seichim has been proven to be very effective in helping individuals access deeper levels of consciousness.

By appointment only.
1 session: $180 (1 hr 15 mins - 1 hr 30 mins) 
5 sessions: $800
Note: As these modalities convey intense energies, it is not recommended for those new to energy healing. Often, the effects of the clearing may be felt for an extended period of time after the session.

Meditation Nite

The purpose of meditation are manifold; to combat depression and psychosomatic illnesses, to heighten psychic abilities, to deepen spiritual awareness or perhaps simply to reduce stress and learn to be more relaxed! Whatever your reason, there is a meditation technique that is suited to your personality, life style and perceptions. Learning to meditate is not difficult; it simply requires practice and purpose. Once you have experienced the bliss of a deep meditative state, your desire to return to that state will be the driving force of your meditation practice.

Group meditations provide an avenue to tap into a collective vein of relaxation, allowingbeginners to experience the feel of a meditative state. Group meditations are also ideal settings for guided meditations which are helpful to create positive thought patterns or release limiting beliefs and emotions.

3 August 2015 (Mon): 7pm - 8pm
17 August 2015 (Mon): 7pm - 8pm
31 August 2015 (Mon): 7pm - 8pm
$20 (1 hr)

Reiki Attunement - Usui

Reiki (‘ray-kee’) is a form of spiritual healing and practice believed by its advocates to be beneficial for treating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual diseases. It is also a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life energy’.

It was developed by a male Japanese doctor, Mikao Usui, in the early 1900s. Usui undertook a meditation retreat to receive answers to his problems, including one on his vow to one day

Reiki therapy is a simple yet powerful method of natural healing: energy is channelled through the light touch of hands on the body, or through one’s energy field, which results in a systematic treatment that covers all organs and energy systems of the body.

In a Reiki session, the recipient would lie down and relax. The practitioner, who acts as a channel for the Reiki energy, would ‘direct’ the Reiki energy to wherever the patient is believed by them to require it. Usually they would move their hands close to or on various parts of the recipient's body.

Some patients report feeling various sensations like heat, tingling, coldness and pressure. People often speak of feeling sensations of melting warmth coming from the practitioner's hands, giving a strong sense of comfort. Pain may be relieved during treatment, leaving a deep and lasting sense of relaxation and peace.

The power of Reiki lies in its simplicity. Reiki energy flows through the hands to wherever it is needed in the body.

Some liken this healing method to the way that a plant takes up water. It is absorbed only where it is needed. The receiver draws the energy in a completely natural and nourishing way. Both the practitioner and the receiver of Reiki are revitalised after treatment.

Practitioners of Reiki attribute these to Reiki energy filling energetic deficiencies in the body and aura of the recipient, repairing and opening their energy channels (or meridians), pulling out the ‘negativity’ and dissolving the blockages of ‘stale’ energy.

Intention is the primary method for directing the flow of the energy. Some Reiki healers may even use this energy for healing from a distance.

This energy is far beyond what we can understand. Our bodies utilise this energy to heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Usui Reiki also opens the mind and spirit to the causes of disease and pain, accelerating the body’s ability to heal physical ailments.

Who is Reiki For?

Everything that has life can be helped by Reiki – including animals and plants. Treatment will also benefit people of any age and condition.

Reiki is empowering, and when faced with pain or crisis, it will assist you in overcoming feelings of helplessness and dependency.

29 August 2015 (Sat): 12pm - 6pm &
30 August 2015 (Sun): 12pm - 6pm
$450 (12 hrs) 
Note: Also available by appointment.

5 Sept 2015 (Sat): 11am - 2pm &
6 Sept 2015 (Sun): 11am - 2pm &
12 Sept 2015 (Sat): 11am - 2pm &
13 Sept 2015 (Sun): 11am - 2pm
$550 (12 hrs) 
Note: Also available by appointment.

9 March (Mon): 3pm - 6pm &
13 March (Fri): 3pm - 6pm &
16 March (Mon): 3pm - 6pm &
20 March (Fri): 3pm - 6pm
$650 (12 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.

Reiki Attunement - Seichim

Seichim (say-sheem) is an Egyptian word meaning ‘living light energy’. It also means the power of powers. It is believed to be an ancient and sacred form of hands on healing that originated from ancient Egypt – maybe even earlier

The Seichim energy is very powerful yet tender at the same time. It heals on a cellular level, harmonising and transforming the energy vibrations, as well as clearing blockages and toxins. Seichim releases us from our sufferings, creates prosperity and increases our spirituality. It also releases us from karmic accumulations from former rebirths.

Isis Seichim is a form of Reiki that resonates with the energy and concept of the Goddess, Isis.

Developed by Ruth Mays in 1990, the symbols draw upon other, older forms of Reiki systems. While traditional Reiki healing can be considered to be more tranquil, Isis Seichim can be described as nurturing, reflecting the qualities of the goddess it is named for.

Isis Seichim works best for deep-rooted emotional or mental blockages, allowing for greater access to universal understanding. This healing modality works more with balancing psychic as well as emotional imbalances and stimulating one's ability to provide nurturing for one’s self as well as others. It filters healing through our auras, gently activating the chakras and flooding them with healing energy, opening up blocked energy areas around and on the body. Slowly, its wisdom and healing power are worked down through the outer spiritual levels and into the body. This is when a slow, gentle and loving healing takes place.  

17 Oct 2015 (Sat): 1pm - 6pm &
18 Oct 2015 (Sat): 1pm - 6pm

$550 (10 hrs)
Note: Prerequisite of Usui Reiki Level 2 or higher. Also available by appointment.


Green Tara Seichim is an unique form of energy healing structured on the line of Seichim Reiki, with the addition of special Green Tara symbols, and chants, mantras and prayers. 

Tara is a Tibetan Bodhisattva or enlightened being, motivated by pure compassion and seeking liberation for all living beings. Green Tara is one of the 21 forms or aspects of the Mother Goddess, representing active compassion. The worship of Green Tara is wide-spread and extremely popular as she is believed to provide peace, harmony and balance.

Green Tara Seichim was developed as a specialised form of energy empowerment to enhance and complement the traditional practice of Reiki. It was created by Stephen Comee, a ‘ngakpa’ or a lay ordained practitioner in the Nyingma Tradition. He combined traditional teachings on Tara that he had received from great Tibetan Masters with the existing Reiki practices to create a new system which could be used to improve one's spiritual practice or to increase existing healing abilities.

Devotees believe that the Green Tara protects from fear and danger, eliminates suffering while granting wishes, and creating happiness. Green Tara Seichim strengthens and deepens our capacity for universal compassion while allowing us to develop our powers of discrimination and perception.

10 Oct 2015 (Sat): 1pm - 6pm &
11 Oct 2015 (Sat): 1pm - 6pm
$550 (10 hrs)
Note: Prerequisite of Usui Reiki Level 2 or higher. 
Also available by appointment.

Reiki Attunement - Sekhem

Helen Belot from Australia developed her own school of Seichim, an energy system that was first introduced into the modern world by Patrick Ziegler. Helen calls her system Sekhem because it resonates more with the Egyptian lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet, the guardian and protector of this energy.

Seichim (say-keem) appeared in Egypt 5,000 years ago – maybe even longer – and it was rediscovered by Patrick in Egypt in the early ‘80s, when he was seeking spiritual guidance. Seichim means Living Light Energy and it is also an ancient Egyptian system of healing wisdom. Practitioners claim that it is the ‘the Parent Energy’ of all healing systems based around the laying on of hands.

Helen was energetically directed to develop Sekhem (say-kem), a system of healing which resonates with the energy of the Goddess, Sekhmet. Associated with destruction and chaos in the ancient Egyptian pantheon, Goddess Sekhmet is both venerated and feared for this power – she destroys that which no longer serves us, so that we can build on a new foundation.

Sekhem helps to release our hidden potential, synthesising our scattered energies and increasing our focus. Sekhem, the origin of Goddess Sekhmet’s name, means power or might. It bears similarity to the terms prana, ki or chi – the very energy that is in us. It is difficult to adequately describe the feeling of this beautiful energy; experience offers the best understanding of it. A Sekhem healing or attunement session can be a very unique experience!

Sekhem can bring about dynamic changes as provide clarity and insight. It empowers as it heals and its ability to impact memories on the etheric and cellular planes could be life-transforming. Sekhem also is a great complement to other forms of therapies and treatments.

Working at all levels of the physical, emotional, mental and subtle spiritual bodies simultaneously, Sekhem energy works through the nervous system, meridians and is believed to provide healing for past life issues. It helps us to resolve conflicts at the deepest core of our being and allows the “inner child” to reveal itself fearlessly.

24 January 2015 (Sat): 1pm - 6pm &
31 January 2015 (Sat): 1pm - 6pm
$450 (10 hrs)

15 August 2015 (Sat): 1pm - 5pm &
16 August 2015 (Sun): 1pm - 5pm

$500 (8 hrs)

8 April 2014 (Tue): 1pm - 5pm &
11 April 2014 (Fri): 1pm - 5pm         
$550 (8 hrs)


Note: Prerequisite of Usui Reiki Level 2 or higher. Also available by appointment. 
SAVE: For Usui Reiki Master Practitoners or Teachers, LEVEL 1 & 2 combined for $800, LEVEL 3 & 4 combined for $1,000. Complete course package for $2,250.

Reiki Share Nite

Sanctum is proud to present our very own Reiki Share Night!

Our Reiki Share Nights will offer many unique insights and interpretations of this popular healing and spiritual tool. Practitioners and non-practitioners alike, come join us to experience and share in this wonderful, calming and blissful energy.

We request interested participants to confirm their attendance one day before.

7 Sept 2015 (Mon): 7pm - 8pm 
FREE (1 hr)

The Tibetan Yoga of Rejuvenation

Tibetan Lamas or monks have been found to generally live to a ripe old age while having the constitution of people half their age. This remarkable feat has been attributed to a series of simple asanas called the ‘5 Rites’ or the ‘5 Rites of Rejuvenation’ that were developed over the centuries in the monasteries of Tibet.

The 5 Rites activate and balance the sevenchakras, which are believed to be linked to our endocrine glands, thus regulating the hormonal output which governs all of body’s organs and functions. The improved circulation produced by the 5 Rites aid the body in washing away toxins and impurities that are stored in fatty tissues, organs and joints.

These unusual and rhythmic exercise movements combine posture, breathing and motion to create a dynamic effect. They do not require either exceptional strength or flexibility, but they are very powerful.These exercises are simple and require only 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Some benefits of practising the Tibetan Yoga are better quality sleep, rejuvenated body and mind, increased energy level, improved blood circulation and better control over emotions as you work on your nervous system along the way.

We also offer a free follow up session within 6 months of the course. Participants are encouraged to refrain from alcohol, caffeine and heavy meals at least two hours before your session. Please wear light or loose clothing for the exercises.

For an extended and more comprehensive experience, we also have the three-hour class. In addition to the exercises, you will also be presented with methods of meditation for empowering and activating the three most important chakras of the body and used by the yogis to reduce stress, promote concentration as well as increase your personal power and powers of manifestation. These techniques are secular and suitable for both men and women, regardless of their personal religious beliefs. You will also get extensive notes to let you fully understand the background and workings of this traditional practice. This class will be scheduled separately.

14 Oct 2015 (Wed): 4pm - 5.30pm
21 Oct 2015 (Wed): 4pm - 5.30pm
28 Oct 2015 (Wed): 4pm - 5.30pm
4 Nov 2015 (Wed): 4pm - 5.30pm
11 Nov 2015 (Wed): 4pm - 5.30pm
18 Nov 2015 (Wed): 4pm - 5.30pm
25 Nov 2015 (Wed): 4pm - 5.30pm
$80 (1 hr 30 mins) 

Tarot Workshop

Over the centuries, people have developed many uses for the Tarot. More popular today than ever before, the tarot is more than just a divination deck; proper use of the cards can help you discern recurring patterns in your life, as well as why and how to best utilize them. Tarot cards reflect the realities of life, with their potent symbolism depicting pain, loss, despair and death. But, the cards also provide you with effective coping mechanisms, by providing guidance on when strength and resilience are called for, and when courage and determination.

The tarot also has considerable value as an instrument of spiritual development and a tool for expanding and deepening intutition and perception. The versatility of the cards allow them to be used in conjunction with many other forms of oracular devices, and have been effectively incorporated into psychological research.

The basic workshop will include:

  • Explanations and interpretations of the 78 cards, both symbolic and literal
  • The concept of reversed cards & it's application
  • Discussion of principles of Numerology & Astrology and it's direct link to tarot cards
  • Sample readings and spreads incorporating all of the above

The advanced workshop covers:

  • what is Alchemy and Kabbalah
  • the study of the alchemical and kabbalistic principles and symbolism in the Tarot
  • Tarot Meditations and Pathwork

5 Sept 2015 (Sat): 3.30pm - 6.30pm &
12 Sept 2015 (Sat): 3.30pm - 6.30pm &
19 Sept 2015 (Sat): 3.30pm - 6.30pm &
26 Sept 2015 (Sat): 3.30pm - 6.30pm
$350 (12 hrs)
Note: Includes Rider-Waite Tarot Kit. Also available by appointment.

24 Oct 2015 (Sat): 1pm - 6pm &
25 Oct 2015 (Sun): 1pm - 6pm
$500 (10 hrs) 
Note: Also available by appointment.

The Magick & Mystery of Runes

While everyone has either heard or owns a Tarot deck, runes are still a mystery (except perhaps for Lord of the Rings fans!). In fact the name, “runa” literally means “mystery”! Runes originated in Northern Europe probably around the 1st century C.E. They were used as alphabetic script as well as for magick and divination. These workshops will assist those who wish to utilise the immense power of the runes in their daily lives in ways both startling and rewarding. Runes can be used for meditation, divination and affirmations among others.

Join us for an exciting journey into unlocking the wisdom of this ancient oracle which includes a set of runes to start you off straightaway!

13 Oct 2015 (Tue): 2pm - 6pm &
16 Oct 2015 (Fri): 2pm - 6pm &
20 Oct 2015 (Tue): 2pm - 6pm
$350 (12 hrs) 
Note: Also available by appointment.
Chakra Healing & Balancing

If you are familiar with the chakra system, but you would be keen to learn more, then this workshop may be the answer! Gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the workings of this ancient system that is the foundation of many Eastern spiritual beliefs and that has directly given birth to many of the ideas and concepts of Western esoteric thought.

This workshop will include:

  • Use of Mantra and Yantra in chakra work
  • Specific meditations and exercises to activate/balance individual chakras
  • Understand the concept of nadis and its relevance to chakras
  • The elemental, astrological and physical dimensions of chakras
  • Life paths associated with the different chakras
31 Oct 2015 (Sat): 2pm - 6pm
$320 (4 hrs) 
Note: Also available by appointment.
Basic Kabbalah

The Kabbalah, like other esoteric teachings spiritual systems from orthodox religions, is not a set of formal teachings. It is rather an interpretation of what is considered “hidden” or “secret” in extant texts. The ability to apply these layered meanings to one's everyday life allows a dimension of true spirituality to permeate the most mundane task on hand. For those who are ready to take the next step in their journey of exploration and personal growth, a basic understanding of Kabbalistic principles may open doors never thought in existence!

These introductory workshops will provide the foundation for in depth exploration of Kabbalah as well as allow beginners to understand the complexity and essence of this system. The rich history and evolving nature of the Kabbalah can be difficult to grasp without a proper understanding of the fundamental concepts. Whether you are simply curious or interested in applying the fundamental principles of the Kabbalah more intensively in your spiritual practices, these workshop s aim to
comprehensively explain the principles governing this system, through exercises, visualizations that help to illustrate the principles in a practical way.

Basic 1 will cover:

  • The history of the Kabbalah and the main schools of Kabbalistic thought and the development of different systems
  • The basic building blocks of the Kabbalah – The Tree of Life & the Sephiroths
  • What is the Ladder of Light and it's significance in developing one's inner awareness

23 Oct 2015 (Fri): 3pm - 6pm
$180 (3 hrs) 
Note: Also available by appointment.

Basic 2 will cover:

  • The significance of the Hebrew alphabet, it’s application in interpreting the sephiroths, as well as the 2 systems of numerology used to decode the Kabbalah
  • The different levels of consciousness represented within the Ladder of Light
  • The archetypes associated with each level and ways to activate or connect with them
  • The application of the Kabbalah to other esoteric and spiritual systems such as Tarot, Astrology, Kundalini, Tantra, etc.

27 Oct 2015 (Tue): 3pm - 6pm
$180 (3 hrs) 
Note: Also available by appointment.


The study of astrology is fascinating and can be a life long pursuit and passion. Understanding the workings of the birth chart can be very illuminating and beneficial, and is a tool that has been used for thousands of years. The desire to plan for the future is a fundamental yearning; why not employ a method that has stood the test of time? Yet astrology is not just about predicting your future; it is also about understanding your genetic blueprint.

By acquiring the knowledge to analyze and interpret a natal chart, you can begin a new journey of self-discovery, one that allows you to synchronize your inner rhythms to the forces governing celestial bodies. Astrology works on principles similar to psychology; it provides a map of possibilities which you can use to steer the course of your life. The more self-aware you become, the greater your ability to communicate and create meaningful relationships and fruitful opportunities increases.

Some of the topics covered in this basic course will be:

  • Brief history of astrology as well as different types of astrology and house systems
  • What is a natal chart, how to create one and the important components
  • Understanding the basic building blocks of a chart – signs, houses, planets, hemispheres, quadrants, sectors
  • Review of major and minor planetary aspects as well as voids and empty houses
  • How to analyse a natal chart including hemispheric and quadrant divisions
  • How to identify & interpret planetary patterns
  • Synopsis of common planetary aspects

11 Sept 2015 (Fri): 3.30pm - 7.30pm &
18 Sept 2015 (Fri): 3.30pm - 7.30pm &
25 Sept 2015 (Fri): 3.30pm - 7.30pm &
2 Oct 2015 (Fri): 3.30pm - 7.30pm
$800 (16 hrs)
Participants will also receive a free natal chart interpretation worth $150.

For those interested in furthering their knowledge of astrology, the advanced course will cover the following topics:

  • The concept of dispositorship
  • Lunar Nodes, asteroids and Arabic Parts
  • Transits, Progressions, Returns
  • Eclipses and Retrogrades
  • Synastry & composite charts

7 Nov 2015 (Sat): 2pm - 6pm &
14 Nov 2015 (Sat): 2pm - 6pm &
21 Nov 2015 (Sat): 2pm - 6pm &
28 Nov 2015 (Sat): 2pm - 6pm
$1,000 (16 hrs)

Pathwork With The Kabbalah

Pathwork is a term used to describe the metaphysical journey to self-fulfilment. While it is
increasingly evident that material success and security does not bring about peace of mind,
pathwork can provide the framework towards increased self-awareness, without neglecting your earthly duties.

The Kabbalah is an ideal system for pathwork. Regardless of your innate beliefs, practices or
cultural traditions, Kabbalistic teachings can help you to effectively find the perfect balance between discharging your responsibilities and finding inner peace. Kabbalistic teachings help us grow and evolve by showing us the innate spiritual essence in every human experience. Pathwork with the Kabbalah offers the benefit of specific teachings and exercises that can be practiced and applied based on individual life circumstances and habits.

While each workshop in the series is independent and complete in itself, the sequence
provides a coherent road map that allows insights at each stage to fuel further discoveries down the road. The Kabbalah is not a linear path to self-discovery; neither are life experiences. We grow as we learn, and we learn as we grow. Allow the Kabbalah to show you one effective way.

Malkuth: The Gateway

The sephiroth of Malkuth is known by many names; the Foundation, The Kingdom, The
Gateway among others. Representing more than just the base of the Tree of Life, Malkuth is our core identity, our root consciousness. In this workshop, learn:

  • What “Malkuth” means & it’s function on both the Tree of Life and the Ladder of Light
  • The source of power of “Malkuth” and how to activate it
  • What is the world of Assiah and the Experience of Earth as it pertains to Malkuth
  • The application of the above to enhance our daily experiences
  • How to apply the principles of Malkuth to such fields as psychology, astrology, tarot as well as it’s connection to angels and arch-angel

30 Oct 2015 (Fri): 2.30pm - 7.30pm
$300 (5 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.

Yesod: Creation

The interpretation most often associate with Yesod is Action. However, in this workshop
learn why Yesod is seen as Creation. Positioned directly above Malkuth on the Middle Pillar on the Tree of Life, Yesod is sometimes also known as “the Kingdom of Dreams”. Further learn:

  • The literal meaning of “Yesod” as well as the mystical significance of the individual Hebrew letters
  • How Yesod functions in our daily lives, its governance over our body as well as its place in the World of Assiah and the Kingdom of the Moon
  • How to fully utilize the strengths of Yesod in manifestation through prayer, meditation and visualization
  • The application of the knowledge of Yesod to other spiritual and metaphysical systems

13 Nov 2015 (Fri): 2.30pm - 7.30pm
$300 (5 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.

Hod/Netzach: Intellect and Intuition

These 2 sephiroths are the balance that leads to and from Yesod, the action that we eventually take. When we follow our heart, and then act on that desire with the proper preparation, the action that follows will always be right. Right does not have to be appropriate or acceptable; but it will be what most truly expresses who you are. In this workshop discover:

  • Alternative interpretations of “Hod” and “Netzach” and choose those that resonate most deeply with you
  • Techniques to synthesize the will of Hod with the passion of Netzach in pursuit of our daily goals
  • Understand the significances Hod and Netzach in relation to the Pillars of Justice and Mercy
  • How the principle of “as above, so below” is illustrated by these 2 sephiroths

28 August 2015 (Fri): 1pm - 6pm
$300 (5 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.


Tiphareth: Beauty/Balance

The sephiroth of Tiphareth is believed to divide the Kabbalistic Tree of Life into 2 countenances; the upper representing the Divine and the lower, humanity. As such, pathwork with Tiphareth cannot be undertaken successfully without focusing on Chesed and Geburah. It is at this level that one is given the opportunity to transcend our lower, bestial nature to call forth our true divinity in a process known as Reparation.

The sephiroths of Chesed and Geburah are the quintessence of the 2 outer pillars. Hence, by learning to integrate the qualities of these sephiroths we are able to arrive at a state of equilibrium that is truly beautiful to behold and experience. The trinity formed by these 3 sephiroths is sometimes referred to as “The Ethical Triangle”.

  • What are Chesed and Geburah in Kabbalistic terms and why excessive focus on either is unhealthy
  • How the Kabbalists interpret the term “Messiah” and it’s application in this context
  • How working with the “Ethical Triangle” allows us to pierce the Veil leading to Da’ath(Knowledge),the hidden sephiroth
  • Explore what constitutes the World of Yetzirah & The Alchemical Wedding

10 January 2015 (Sat): 2pm - 7pm
$300 (5 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.


With these sephiroths we move into the realm of pure consciousness. Representing the pro­creative and pro­hibitive essence of the Source, we are now exploring the duality that is symbolic of all life.

Binah and Chokmah are traditionally identified as “Male” and “Female” or “Abba” and “Imma” ­ Father and Mother. But Binah and Chokmah do not carry the conventional interpretation of Father and Mother; they are archetypal energies that are the source of the Universe itself. As such, Binah and Chokmah are both complementary and contradictory in both function and form.

To understand and work with these sephiroths requires us to go beyond our traditional understanding of the matter and spirit. In fact, these sephiroths are separated from the rest on the Tree by 2 divisions, known as the Veil and the Abyss – the Abyss separates Binah/Chokmah from the One Source while the Veil ensures that the true nature of both of these archetypal energies cannot be approached without proper instruction.

  • Understand:
  • The nature of Binah and Chokmah, the Veil and the Abyss
  •  The Supernal Triangle and it's purpose
  •  The world of Aziluth and it's attendant symbolism

30 May 2014 (Fri): 2pm - 7pm
$300 (5 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.

Identify Your Shadow

Shadow work is not just about overcoming fears; it is about understanding them consciously so as to integrate them properly. It is not just about removing limiting beliefs, but examining their role in our lives and why we hold on to them. Shadow work is not about eliminating imperfection but striding towards wholeness. It is only wholeness that allows us to truly understand the paradox of light and shadow. Every shadow aspect has valuable insights to offer about our hidden potential; it is a shadow precisely because it is hidden!

In this workshop, we look at:

• How different layers of consciousness and generic archetypes identified in Jungian psychology assist in identifying our unique “Shadow”.

• Archetypes linked to the 7 major chakras, & how their functional and dysfunctional symbolism and purpose can be effectively harnessed

• How to embrace your “Shadow” gloriously

4 Nov 2015 (Fri): 12.30pm - 3.30pm
18 Nov 2015 (Wed): 12.30pm - 3.30pm
$150 (3 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.

Invoking the Goddess

Celebrating the Wisdom of the Feminine Heart

The heart of the Goddess encourages women to trust themselves and to honor their innate ways of knowing and nurturing. In this workshop, all women, regardless of their issues or religious beliefs, may explore the nature of their spiritual power and learn to draw on and express their wisdom more fully and effectively.

This workshop is designed to assist a broad spectrum of women: those who are already studying the ever-growing field of women’s spirituality and who want to explore it in more depth with a community of like-minded women; others who are struggling with their spiritual dilemmas unique to contemporary women today; and those who are committed to more traditional ways of worship and are seeking to revitalize and deepen their practice and beliefs with a collective group of women -- each searching in her own way.

Women need the opportunity to come together to reclaim, honor and celebrate what is truly sacred to them, to place values "felt" deeply within their hearts. As women explore how their gut wisdom can productively influence their own lives as well as others, they regain their powerful and authentic voice and honor their inherent divinity.

We are creating a new world, one where our differences will be honored and celebrated. We are all of richly diverse origins. All cultures have contributed to our world and the human heritage we all share. In celebrating the Goddess we are re-learning to cherish our planet, ourselves and the plants and creatures with whom we share our journey here.

Each workshop will focus on different Goddesses, representing various archetypes that we all seek to perfect. By understanding the historical and spiritual significance of these various Goddesses, we can strive to emulate their qualities thereby allowing the “Goddess Within” to emerge in all Her glory!

Warrior Queen

With the increasing number of women in positions of professional power, this archetype probably has special significance in our era. Yet, how does one wield power in such a way that we do not sacrifice our innate femininity? Join us in this workshop to find out which are the Warrior Goddesses that best exemplify this conundrum.

16 December 2014 (Tue): 3pm - 6pm
$150 (3 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.


The Goddess as “Mother” is the most common and widely invoked archetype. Yet most of us see the Mother Goddess as a gentle nurturing presence. Perhaps it is time to see “Mother” in Her full Glory as the Force of Nature that we call Mother! It is said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Find out why this is so when we explore the different facets of Mother in this workshop.

We examine the myths and legends behind such Mother archetypes as Rhea, Cybele and Hathor. Understand why these Goddesses are considered part of the “Mother” pantheon and how invoking them can help us better understand the nuances of our relationships with our birth

26 Oct 2015 (Mon): 2.30pm - 5.30pm
$150 (3 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.


The Great Goddess has many faces; yet the one aspect of Her that most people prefer not to examine is as The Destroyer. In Tantric religions, the highest form of the Divine is the Female Wrathful Deity, paying homage to the force of the unleashed Divinine Feminine.

Only by reclaiming our primordial nature can we truly understand the power of the Great Goddess. We examine the stories about such Dark Goddesses as Kali, Sekhmet, Cerridwen to understand their role in our lives and why by invoking them we may actually be celebrating life!

2 Nov 2015 (Mon): 2pm - 5pm
$150 (3 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.


The Warrior as an aspect of the Divine Feminine may seem unusual and is probably the most misunderstood. With the increasing number of women in positions of professional power however, this archetype probably has special significance in our era.

The Warrior represents strength that is not linked to force, assertiveness that is not synonymous with aggressiveness, and power that is not a by product of tyranny. If you feel that these are traits that you can resonate with, then find out which Goddesses can show you the way to embody them too.

5 August 2015 (Wed): 2pm - 5pm
19 August 2015 (Wed): 2pm - 5pm
$150 (3 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.


Coming soon.

23 Nov 2015 (Nov): 2pm - 5pm
$150 (3 hrs)
Note: Also available by appointment.


Lunch Time Meditations

While it is universally accepted that a regular meditation routine is extremely beneficial, most people find it difficult to commit the necessary time to start. With this in mind, we are offering an alternative to the usual lunch time pursuits – why not drop by for a short meditation session?

Studies have proven that work place productivity improves exponentially when meditation is introduced as part of the work day,even for very short stints. So, if you work around the area, or are free between 12pm and 2pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, join us for as long or short a session as you like. We are happy to offer assistance to those who are unsure on how to proceed and guidance on how to continue on your own.

The next step is up to you.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12pm - 2pm
$5 (2 hrs)
Note: Registration mandatory.