Ahana is a spiritual coach and author. Her upcoming book, Shifting into Tao : In 8 Months, 81 Verses, 81 Simple Lessons, unveils the process and phases of the shift in consciousness from Identity Consciousness to Oneness. She also reads the Akashic Records and channels a Group of Masters and Archangels.

Ahana also conducts a series of Workshops called the Journey to Spirit Series and The Oneness Workshop Series. Both of the workshop series are designed to blend spiritual wisdom with practical tools in what she calls TRIGGER SESSIONS. She believes that everything outside of ourselves are triggers to support us in our inner work and our inner journeys.

In her spiritual coaching and Akashic Reading sessions, Ahana is able to do an energetic reading of her client’s soul essence, life journeys and life purpose. Based on the reading, she guides her
clients on utilizing the wisdom of their soul to move through their current challenges, whether they are life or spiritual challenges.

To give an opportunity for everyone to have support through their shift in consciousness, she has created along with her co-creator who is also a spiritual teacher. Ionearth has
a free resource section that brings teachings and perspectives of spiritual masters and teachers from all over the world.

Akashic Soul Reading Journey to Spirit Workshop Series
Akashic Emotional Clearing Shifting from Identity Consciousness to Oneness Consciousness: A Journey to Spirit
Unlock Your Secrets – A Soul Searching Session Portals to Oneness
  The Light Is With-In You
Spirit of Akasha
Akashic Soul Reading

We all have our records of our lives and the records of our soul. It is an energetic record that can be tuned into and read. Most importantly, Akashic Record reading can provide guidance on energetic blocks, repetitive karmic patterns, programs and challenges that one is facing in one’s life in the present moment.

A reading can also provide information on who someone is at a soul level, what particular essence or talents he/she can use, and what awareness one needs to bring into his/her life to move through the life challenges. Along with the reading, Ahana will discuss the answers and interpretations during the consultation and work through some practical ways in which to bring the information of the reading back into the client’s everyday life.

The reading is done prior to the consultation. A minimum of 24-48 hours are needed before the consultation for Ahana to prepare the reading based on questions asked via email. There are no limits to the questions that you can ask for the session. However, it is best to focus on a few areas while providing questions via email so as to get a more focused response through the reading.

By appointment only. (Wed: 11.30am - 3pm & Sat: 11.30am - 6pm)
$111 (1 hr)
Now available through Skype!

Akashic Emotional Clearing

Akashic Emotional Clearing is a deep rooted clearing that takes a repetitive pattern to its roots and clears the path all the way to the present.

Some of our patterns are genealogical, some are brought into our present life through our past life imbalances and some are a result of collective codes that we are waiting to release from our mind, body, spirit.

When faced with these challenges, we lose perspective of who we are - source-beings able to create our own reality. When we feel stuck and are unable to move beyond our challenges, we experience suffering.

Through the process of Akashic Emotional clearing, we undergo a 3-step process:

• Identify the predominant challenges through the Akashic Records
• Look for significant memories in this life, and especially in childhood that brought in these patterns into our experience for the first time in this life
• Use the significant event as a stepping stone to travel back to the root cause of the issue and clear it from that space.

This session includes a soul reading. The reading is done prior to the consultation. A minimum of 24-48 hours are needed before the consultation for Ahana to prepare the reading based on questions asked via email.

By appointment only. (Wed: 11.30am - 3pm & Sat: 11.30am - 6pm)
$155 (1 hr - 1 hr 30 mins)
Now available through Skype!

Unlock Your Secrets – A Soul Searching Session

Do you know that there are secret messages locked in your body, your cells, in your hidden memories and your energy body?

In this introductory session of ASSESS YOUR LIFE life coaching program, we will journey together into your body, mind and spirit to REVEAL perceptions and insights about your patterns, programs, challenges blocks, solutions and inner wisdom.

We will also chart a path that you can take to expand yourself and make yourself lighter and freer!

In this session, we will explore:

• Your Body as a Messenger - How do you attune to your body’s messages and what is your body trying to tell you? We will explore some of the messages the client is receiving in body at this time

• Your Mind as a Part of Your Problem and Solution – Everything that has happened (memories) in your life and everything that you think and feel has deep layers of messages for you. We look at how thoughts, memories and responses can be used as clues for transformation

• Your Heart as Your Oracle – Through your heart, you can access answers from your subconscious and superconscious. Exploring this phenomenon will open up the gateway to your soul.

• Balancing the 4 Elements – We explore how is the balance of the 4 elements is important to regulate your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

This is a powerful soul searching session that can go up to 60-90 minutes.

By appointment only. (Wed: 11.30am - 3pm & Sat: 11.30am - 6pm)
$155 (1 hr - 1 hr 30 mins)
Now available through Skype!

Journey to Spirit Workshop Series

When we are on a spiritual quest, we may look for outside help and guidance, but the journeys that we take are actually all on our own and it’s a journey to our inner spirit. ‘The Journey to Spirit’’, a series of talks and meditations that we call ‘TRIGGER SESSIONS’. Here, we are consciously trying to help you question your own belief in a process of redefining what you know, from the inside out.

Stepping Into Stillness – Here we come to understand our life triggers, learn to build awareness and practice silence. We get an overview of the process of shift of consciousness.

Experiencing Expansion – Here we connect with our soul that is vast and beyond the limitations of the physical body. We come to realize that when we expand, we become interconnected to others. We also explore how consciousness flows through us and relate it to our chakra system.

Moving beyond Negative Patterns –In this session, we learn to let go of our negative thought forms and clear our heart space. We explore Law of Attraction, why we incur negative experiences, and move towards abundance.

Connecting to our Natural State –Here, we learn the power of heart intelligence, frequency of love (versus fear), concept of oneness. We meditate to create positive affirmations, open the heart chakra and send healing to ourselves and loved ones.

Connecting to Inner Guidance – Once our heart is clear, we are able to move into a space that allows our inner guidance to flow through. In this session, we explore our own capacity to draw on universal knowledge and connect with our guidance.

Finding our True Purpose and Moving into being True Ones – In this session, we discuss our inner & outer purpose, understand how we co-create, set positive intentions for ourselves and the planet. We also experience the power of individual & collective intentions.

To be confirmed.
$55 (1 hr 30 mins - 2 hrs)
Max no. of participants: 4

Shifting from Identity Consciousness to Oneness Consciousness: A Journey to Spirit

We are all feeling the need to change whether it is the need to shift our consciousness from the
inside or change out outward circumstances, relationships, careers and lifestyles. This constant nudging towards a need to shift is part of the overall energetic shift we are experiencing on our planet. What we are shifting from is our identity consciousness that locks us in old thought forms of suffering and separation and move towards living in oneness, collaboration, peace and happiness, and in total freedom to create the life we desire for ourselves.

The FULL DAY workshop highlights a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE process for the shift through a series of awareness and practice sessions called the TRIGGER SESSIONS. Each session is aimed towards providing YOU the AWARENESS, KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS to move through the various phases of your shift in consciousness, utilizing the opportunity of the powerful energetic times, and facilitate your own AWAKENING. The course includes:

Phase 1

  • Moving Into Presence
  • Facilitating Clearing of past or repetitive patterns, learning a simple process of “catching and releasing” unwanted patterns in our lives
  • Tool: Meditation to create protection, do an alignment and centre ourselves, and moving deeper into the heart to learn to let go.

Phase 2

  • Understanding our natural state and our connection to our soul
  • Connecting to the heart and understanding the gift of unconditional love
  • Raising our vibrations and creating heart coherence
  • Tool: Meditation to go into silence and raise vibrations through positive sentences that
    raise and maintain our frequencies.

Phase 3

  • Understanding how we expand and converge, energetically
  • Accessing and connecting with our guidance and higher selves. We will be doing a practical exercise to connect with our guidance during the workshop.
  • Understanding Oneness and creating Oneness intentions
  • Tool: Meditation to facilitate healing, both for us as individuals, and the planet

16 April (Monday: 12pm - 6pm
$250 (6hrs)

Portals to Oneness

Oneness is a state of consciousness that pertains to 5th dimensional living. It is the consciousness we are moving into as a collective as we go through our individual and collective shifts in consciousness. To understand oneness, we have to understand what the dimensions are and what portals we can use to shift into Oneness. In this workshop, Portals to Oneness, we will explore the following:

  • Understanding the dimensional shift between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension
  • Understand the aspects of Oneness Consciousness Review some of the tools to move into Oneness Frequency
  • We will do a meditation to open the Portal of Oneness for ourselves and our community.
  • While in meditative state, we will work with the Law of One
  • As we open the Oneness portal, we will allow unconditional love to flow into our lives and support us and our community


21 April (Saturday): 12pm - 2pm
$55 (2 hrs)

The Light Is With-In You

A Powerful Evening of Activation and Meditation Session at Sanctum, Singapore

This is a powerful time for both our individual and collective shift in consciousness. Through this time, when we are bombarded with cosmic energies, stimulated to shift into a higher gear, and given opportunities to move from our old patterns to a new way of living in peace, love and happiness, we have to release our blocks to make space for the new codes of light.

The Light is With-In You is a powerful evening of activation and meditation. The evening is facilitated by a group of traveling lightworkers, who have gathered in Singapore to bring their energies and work together to do portal work and activations.

The evening is structured for a 4-part meditation and activation series, conducted by four members of our group.

Preparing the Body for Release- Using Jin Shin Jyutsu, Sandra will guide the group to put their bodies in relaxation, open up their energy points, access and open up their energy blocks in preparation for the release. Jin Shin Jyutsu physio-philosophy is a powerful yet gentle healing art that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit.

Releasing Blocks by Moving Deeper within Ourselves – Justin will lead the group to go even deeper into their hologram, connect us to the elemental kingdom and guide us to bring them into our lives. He will then take us back into Gaia and release the karmic wounds of many lifetimes to help with our ascension and that of the planet.

Preparing the Body Vibrationally for Ingraining of Light - Ahana will guide the group to create an alignment to Source light and prepare the mind/body/spirit complex to expand from our sacred heart space and reach a higher vibration within ourselves. This will allow us to open our portal of light and allow the light codes to descend for us to process and ingrain within ourselves.

Bringing Balance of Masculine/Feminine/Child through Toning in Light Language- Celine will conclude the session by toning and using light language to bring in the light codes to balance the masculine/feminine/child energies within our bodies, which is needed at this time. She will also aid in reactivation, rememberence and restrengthening our knowingness of our divinity within. and oneness with all

The entire session will be done in 3- 3.5 hours, with a short break in-between. This is a powerful activation session – please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own mat or cushion if you should choose to do so.

22 November 2012 (Thu): 7pm - 10pm
$133 (3 hrs)

Spirit of Akasha

Learn to read your akashic records
1-day intensive workshop with Ahana
Level 1

We are connected to the memories of this live, past lives, and cosmic memories, timelines and cycles through the Akashic fields. These are records of our life and soul that we can tune in and read to make informed decisions in the here and now. It gives us a perspective of our challenges, the patterns that we carry and the learning that we need in order to move through our patterns and past programs into our freedom, joy and purpose. In this workshop, we learn to read our Akashic Records, going through 3 levels of intuitive processes to reach the inner depth of the spirit of Akasha.

The 4 Sessions of this intensive 1-day workshop are:

Segment 1: Theory of Akashic or Quantum Field Principles where we learn the science and ancient wisdom of the field, how it works, ways to work with the field, and the house rules when working with the Akashic Records.

Segement 2: The 3 levels of intuition working with automatic writing, understanding psychic projections and how to gain clarity while bringing information, guiding channeling, moving into timelines, and connecting with the Akashic Field.

Segment 3: Opening and closing personal Records and best practices to working in the Records.

Segment 4: Accessing Records Practice Sessions.

11 October 2014 (Sat): 9am - 5pm
8 November 2014 (Sat): 9am - 5pm
$300 (8 hrs)