In the early months of 1990, a book made its way into Morgan's collection that later changed his belief system. The book was titled "Gypsy Love Magick". Strange mis-spelling aside, he thought it initially a fantasy genre book. But it proved to be otherwise. That book launched his path into exploring all things Magick; and now, more than 20 years later, he believes he may have begun to make some sense in the wonderful but sometimes confusing world of Paganism.

Working through crystals, pendulums, herbs, candles, thoughtforms, meditation, dreamwork, spirit guides, animal guides, tinctures, essences, incense, resins, spells and rituals, Morgan has experimented and found his way through the Pagan system to forge something that he has grown comfortable with. He works with the energies of Avalon and represents it in the work that he does. He also does oracular readings, works with the elementals, the faeries and his personal animal guide. The Moon is also a great source of comfort and plays a big role in his work. His overall influence comes mostly from the Irish and Celtic traditions, even if he may still be unable to pronounce some of their names with pananche. He is also a great lover of Mother Nature's work and hugs trees when people are not looking. His favourite belief is that, "When there's a witch, there's a way."

Morgan has been featured in 8 Days and ZaoBao for his work, and has been consulted for related pagan articles in various other publications.

Pagan Practices Practically Pagan
Moon Crystals Glimpsing Into The Future - The Tarot
Making Magick
Pagan Practices

Paganism is the broad umbrella where many forms of old-world faith systems gather. From the age-old Druids, Witches and Gypsies; to the newer Ascensionists, Lightworkers, the universal energy we use to effect change around us is modified based on culture and period. This intangible manipulation of the higher forces is also better known as Magick - the metaphysical science of all that is yet to be quantified by a measurement.

Boosted by the New Age movement and popular culture, the theory of Magick is now widely available. But for most beginners, the overwhelming trove of information out there can sometimes be daunting.

During this personal consultation, you may choose to discuss or clarify anything to do with magick with me if you are choosing to embark on this path. I will endeavor to share with you what I can. Although mostly a practitioner of witchcraft, I have digested many systems to find out what are some of the main things to look for when working with magick, as the fundamentals through traditions are similar.

The session will be mostly theoratical but oracular readings or healings may also be included if necessary. If one is plagued magickally by another, I may choose to also provide some assistance but at my discretion. However, do note that I will not cast a spell on a client's behalf.

By appointment only.
$50 (30 mins)
$80 (1 hr)

Moon Crystals

Crystals are frequently used, especially in Feng Shui, to help enhance or alter aspects in our lives. Whether it's to bring in wealth, or to harmonise relations, they have proven to be useful sentinals, tirelessly lending their aid.

Combining the influence of the lunar energies with elemental aid, intention-setting and more, I will help you to cleanse and charge your crystals - setting them towards realising your goal.

The session will include 30-minute consultation where we ascertain the best crystal to use, its application and purpose. This session is independant of the charging process.

After the session, if you choose, we will then select and charge the crystal/s, after which we will meet again to present to you your stone and inform you on its usage.

By appointment only.
$30 (Consultation: 30 mins)
$50 (Crystal charging)
Note: Cost of crystal will be separate of the above and will vary dependant on actual crystal selected.

Practically Pagan

The word Pagan means many things to different people. This free introductory talk will bring the realm of supposed witches, wizards, druids, shamans and witchdoctors closer to you, by dispelling the shrouds of myths and mystery behind this broad belief system.

We will be touching on:

  • The global and local history of Paganism
  • What Paganism is exactly
  • The different types of Paganism
  • Is it an evil belief system?
  • What is magick?
  • What is spell-casting?
  • Wands, pentacles, crystals, herbs - what are they for?
  • Who and what you can work with
  • Is there a price to pay?
  • Morgan's own personal experiences working with magick.


19 July 2015 (Sun): 1pm - 2pm
FREE (1 hr)
Note: Sign-up is compulsory.

Glimpsing Into The Future - The Tarot

The Tarot has been an enigmatic and iconic image when talking about fortunetellers. How does it work and what forces does it draw upon to reveal the past, present and future?

Find out about the differences in oracular card systems. What is the Major and Minor Arcana? Browse through the basic meanings of the Major Arcana. Learn about the most universal spread and deck type and learn how to pick your own way through this mystical yet practical skill at this introductory talk. If you're totally clueless and would like someone to start you off in exploring this divinatory system, feel free to come to this talk.

23 June 2015 (Tue): 6pm - 7pm
(1 hr)
Min participants: 3.

Making Magick

Magick is a word not many would openly use. And wrongly so. Magick is as natural as the elements around us.

The manipulation of energy with thought and will is at the essence of most spiritual work, religious or otherwise. It is the labels which haunt magick that prevents more from working with it.

In this workshop, find out about the history of magick, which will let you understand more about how it became a derogatory term. Once unshackled from the pre-existing notions, you will be far more comfortable exploring the fundamentals.

You will learn theory with practice. Learn about casting circles, meditation and visualisation, how to empower your goals and how to create your own 'spells'. We will learn the rudiemntary use of crystal, oil, herbs and incense. Find out about the 4 elements, the pentacle and some introductory forms of divination.

Each participant will go away with a space clearing and creation kit, and their personally empowered crystal.

8 June 2016 (Wed): 11am - 6pm
(7 hrs)
Min participants: 3.