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We know what it's like to do yoga alone at times, especially when it's a new form. So bring a friend with you for free! This month only for our Tibetan Yoga at Sanctum.

Visiting Facilitaters in August!
Diamond and Danny are returning from Taiwan to see their regular clients. Keen to find out more? Diamond includes a new healing service too for this trip! Make an appointment to see them for a short period before they leave!

The Tibetan Yoga of Rejuvenation
Pose yourself to a natural fountain of youth within your body as it rejuvenates itself naturally in this traditional yet simple practice.
22 August 2014 (Fri): 12pm - 1.30pm 
(Bring a friend for free this month!)
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The Heaven's Army - The Most Powerful 15 Archangels
For those unfamiliar with the angel hierarchy and how you can work with these heavenly entities, this workshop will start you on the path!
23 August 2014 (Sat): 2.30pm - 6.30pm 
(Promo price of $250 this month!)
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Tarot Workshop - Basic (Part 3)
These famous set of cards are a great tool for seeing ahead fo what may come. Get your own deck and begin your lesson into this ancient, powerful oracle.
23 August 2014 (Sat): 11am - 2pm & 
30 August 2014 (Sat): 11am - 2pm  

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Reiki Attunement - Isis Seichim (Part 1)
Imbue your Reiki healing sessions with the nurturing and powerful influence of Isis in this Seichim workshop and attunement.
25 August 2014 (Mon): 12.30pm - 5.30pm &
27 August 2014 (Mon): 12.30pm - 5.30pm

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Meditation Nite
Meditation has manifold benefits and anyone can easily join us and start their path to finding awareness and its joys in this event.
25 August 2014 (Mon): 7pm - 8pm

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